Drakenorde registration form 2023

This form is for members of ‘de Drakenorde’ only.
To send their contact information after paying the annual membership fee.
This information is for internal use only and  will be kept for a maximum of 3 years after the membership of “de Drakenorde” ends.

check the desired options (multiple answers possible)
Please select the method how you paid for the annual fee for membership of the Drakenorde.

(*1) :'de Spellenhorde' is an umbrella foundation over several communities and associations like the roleplay association 'de Drakenorde'
(*2): Use the Other Information on the bottom of the form
(*3) Only the owners of the Purperen Draak (Hillie and Martijn) can decide whether the contribution can be paid without the PD entrance card - 10x.
Here you can put any additional information