World of Warcraft TCG: Arena Grand Melee box


Two factions battle for supremacy over Azeroth!

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This is a collectible trading card game published by Upper Deck in 2006 (Cryptozoic Entertainment took over the license and game in 2010) based on the massively multi-player online roleplaying game “World of Warcraft.”

The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game draws from the rich lore of the Warcraft universe. Two factions are battling for supremacy over Azeroth—the Horde and the Alliance—and each time you play, you choose a hero from one of these factions to represent you. Your hero is the leader of your party who fights alongside your allies. The cards that you play will allow you to equip your hero with weapons and armor, use spells and talents, invite allies into your party, and complete quests. With each successive TCG set, the theme and cards echo the current max-level content from the online game.

The object of the game is to defeat your opponents before they defeat you. Over the course of the game, your hero and allies will deal damage to your opponents’ heroes and allies, and that damage is permanent unless it is healed. If your hero takes damage equal to or greater than his or her health, you’re out of the game.

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