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You walk with your young charge, giving advice on his apparel. “Few things in this world are as useful as a good cloak, young master,” you say from experience.

“They’re sturdy and warm, with a hood to keep off the rain and the sun. They swirl at the hem to give you that theatricality that people are so fond of. Use it as a blanket and bedroll when you’re out adventuring, or to ease a muddy crossing. Yes, young master, a good cloak is the most important thing you could have.”

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Epic Armoury’s Epic Black Cape is one of the oldest garments known to humanity. Made from heavy cotton twill, this particular design is fitted around the shoulders, allowing it to hang naturally from the shoulders and neck while providing cover to the torso. Its round hood offers additional protection to the head. The length is short, reaching from the shoulders to the mid-calves, keeping it from dragging in the mud.

Secure this Cape by fastening it at the neck with cotton straps. The cape is a versatile and useful garment when rounding off a character’s look, and offers protection from the elements. The Epic Armoury Cape is a neutral item with a simple cut that will go with almost any character regardless of setting or culture.