Yu-Gi-Oh! Monthly March MR5

Art by https://www.deviantart.com/kraus-illustration

This month’s competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament will give you the chance to try Master Rule 5 (MR5) before it officially goes into effect. This gives you plenty of time for event in the beginning of April when the rules are officially introduced. For those unfamiliar with the new rules, MR5 changes the way some extra deck monsters can be played. For both Link and Pendulum, nothing changes and these will work as they do now. Fusion, Syncro and Xyz however will be allowed to be summoned in Main monster zones as well as in the extra monster zones! Let the madness ensue.

The format will the swiss, the rounds dependent on the player count. Decklist not required.
We will play with the January 2020 Banlist and MR5 with the official end of phase overtime rulings.
Pre-Registration is appreciated.

zaterdag, maart 7, 2020 - 11:00
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De volgende mensen staan al ingeschreven:
Lars Claassens
Thom M
Andrea Salvadori

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