Toernooi 40k (500 punten) 22-11

On November 22nd we'll be running another small Warhammer 40.000 tournament for the many players in our local community who did not participate in our previous event on October 25th.

To keep things friendly the participation cost will be 6 euros, which will cover both the rent for the playing area and some small prizes for all participants. This fee will need to be paid at the start of the event.

We'll be keeping things simple by using 500-point armies, using the Matched Play rules for army construction as provided in the rulebook. If you have any questions about how this works and if your planned list is legal, contact the organisers.
All participants will need to provide a valid army list to the organisers (Benjamin and Marko) at least a week before the start of the event, so we can make sure no-one accidentally shows up with a force that wouldn't be allowed by the rules.

The event will start at 10AM with some explanation and finishing of signups, so make sure you're not late.
We'll be playing 3 rounds, using a different mission in each. Each round will last 100 minutes, which should provide enough time to complete each game. There will be small breaks between rounds to figure out the pairings for the next round.
This means the event should finish somewhere in the late afternoon, probably around 17:00.

The missions we'll be playing are all from the Matched Play part of the Core Book: Incisive Attack, Outriders and Encircle (see pg. 286-288).
However, there will be some small changes to make things a bit less complicated:

  • The 10 victory points for having a Battle-Ready painted force will not be counted, so there's no requirement to use a fully painted army. It still looks cooler, of course...
  • The secondary objectives are fixed for each mission, so players can't pick them themselves.
  • The secondary objectives Slay the Warlord and First Strike will be used in all three rounds. The mission-specific secondary objective will also be used in each round.

With this scoring setup, you can score a maximum of 45 victory points for your primary objective and up to 29 for the three secondaries (6, 8 and 15 respectively).
Players will be given scoring sheets where they can fill in these scores after the game. Those sheets are then handed to the organisers so they can determine the standings and the pairings for the later rounds.
We'll be using a Swiss system of pairings, so you'll be playing against opponents with similar scores to yourself. This also means that even if you can no longer win a game, scoring more victory points is still useful to improve your final result in the event.

In addition to signing up on this event page, please also contact the organisers so we know who each sign-up is.
If you've already participated in the event in October, you won't be allowed to sign up yet since we want to give the people who didn't play in that event an opportunity first.
This is intended to be a friendly event to gain more experience with the game since we're still early in the edition.

Things to bring to the event:

  • The core book. This has the missions you'll be playing, the core Stratagems you can use and the terrain rules, in addition to the core rules.
  • Your army's Codex, including any relevant FAQs or expansions you're using content from. 
  • At least two copies of your army list, including equipment choices and the like, printed out. Printing these at the store isn't an option, unfortunately.
  • Your army. Models are supposed to be fully assembled and modeled with the equipment options you've given the units. If you're unsure if something counts for that, contact the organisers.
  • A tape measure marked in inches so you can actually measure distances.
  • A serious amount of six-sided dice. At least 20 is generally recommended. Some kind of dice tray is often useful too, to stop the dice from bouncing all across the table.
  • A pen or pencil, both to write your results onto the scoring sheet and (possibly) to keep track of your current score during the game.

If you're unable to bring any of these things, please contact the organisers well in advance so we can see what we can do to help.

COVID restrictions will of course be enforced, so you're not allowed to bring along spectators and are required to properly maintain social distancing even during the event.

zondag, november 22, 2020 - 10:00
Type activiteit: 
Miniature games

Covid-19 rules


  • Did you or a housemate/familymember have any signs of a cold or a fever in the past 24 hours?
  •  Have you or has a housemate/familymember been diagnosed with Covid-19/Corona in the past 14 days and have you had contact since then?

Only register if you can answer 'No' to both questions.

General rules

  • Reservation is obligatory
  • Only players are allowed with the exception of the responsible person.
  • Follow the 1,5m distance rules, no matter if you agree with them or not
  • There will be one (announced beforehand) person who is above discussion. If that person tells you to keep more distance, you are obliged to follow these directions. It's possible that this will be transferred to another person during the evening.
  • Are you waiting for your game to begin or is your game finished? Maintain your distance to other people.

Gaming specific rules

  • Only use your own gaming materials (dice, notepad, etc)


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