Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Draft (gecancelled)

This event is special, to say the least.

Thomas brought a Mythic Edition from France, which he ordered in the USA... so this is basically one of  very few options to play in a RNA Mythic Draft. It won´t be cheap, Wizards and EU Customs made sure of that. But it´s gonna be Magic. It´s gonna be Mythic. It´s gonna be worth it!

Players will have to bring 50 euros to convince Thomas of their good intentions. After that. he´ll give those players one special booster and two normal boosters (RNA)... the remaining part is easy for everyone who drafted before. Colorscrews, manascrews, top decks (well, your opponent will do this) and all the other stuff we like about Magic the Gathering.

Only downside: limited spots available, one per person. What´s keeping you?

zondag, mei 12, 2019 - 12:30
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