Prerelease Core 2021 (COVID 19)

It's been a while... a very long while. After careful consideration and a few tests, we proudly announce the first Magic event in months! 

It will be different. We will run smaller events (max 8 players) and will, if people are enthusiastic and follow the rules, run more events than usual. To make it as safe as possible, there are some additional rules, see below.

Starting time 13:00 sharp
Three rounds per event
Only preregistration, no instore registration on the day of the event
€ 30,00 will give you your own prerelease pack including promo, dice, 6 boosters and Arena-code (if I am correct)


*Did you or a housemate/familymember have any signs of a cold or a fever in the past 24 hours?
* Have you or has a housemate/familymember been diagnosed with Covid-19/Corona in the past 14 days and have you had contact since then?
Only register if you can answer 'No' to both questions.

General rules
* There are only 4 gaming tables
* Reservation is obligatory
* Only games with a maximum of 2 players are allowed
* Only players are allowed at the prerelease with the exception of the responsible person.
* Follow the 1,5m distance rules, no matter if you agree with them or not
* There will be one (announced beforehand) person who is above discussion. If that person tells you to keep more distance, you are obliged to follow these directions. It's possible that this will be transferred to another person during the evening.
* Are you waiting for your game to begin or is your game finished? Maintain your distance to other people.

Gaming specific rules
* Only use your own gaming materials (dice, notepad, etc)
* Presenting your deck to your opponent will be replaced by a new method, which will be explained prior to the prerelease
* Please try to learn some of the cards by looking at the spoilers (for example this site).


zaterdag, juli 4, 2020 - 13:00
Type activiteit: 


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Geke Langius

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