Magic - Pioneer Chaos Draft (Read inside!)

A very special event for our weekend warriors: Pioneer chaos draft! This draft will feature boosters from all Pioneer-legal sets (see list below), providing a crazy and unique drafting environment.

Each player receives three boosters that are distributed according to numbers drawn before the draft starts. (e.g. a player draws the numbers 1, 2 and 3, which may correspond to Theros, Kaladesh and Eldritch Moon boosters). With those boosters, we draft as usual, except everything outside of the token is left in the booster at the start.

This event requires anyone joining to be signed up on the website and will be cancelled if fewer than 6 people have registered on Friday 31/1 @ 23:59. If this is the case, registrants will be notified by email and the event will be marked as cancelled on the website.

For a complete overview of all cards you might encounter in this draft, visit Scryfall.

Price: 15,50 (discount for people with an 'entreekaart')

Prizes: Theros Beyond Death boosters

Start time: 12:00 sharp (Please arrive @ 11:45)

Boosters that are included in the draft:

  1. Return to Ravnica
  2. Gatecrash
  3. Dragon's Maze
  4. Magic 2014
  5. Theros
  6. Born of the Gods
  7. Journey into Nyx
  8. Magic 2015
  9. Khans of Tarkir
  10. Fate Reforged
  11. Dragons of Tarkir
  12. Magic Origins
  13. Battle for Zendikar
  14. Oath of the Gatewatch
  15. Shadows over Innistrad
  16. Eldritch Moon
  17. Kaladesh
  18. Aether Revolt
  19. Amonkhet
  20. Hour of Devastation
  21. Ixalan
  22. Rivals of Ixalan
  23. Dominaria
  24. Core Set 2019
  25. Guilds of Ravnica
  26. Ravnica Allegiance
  27. War of the Spark
  28. Core Set 2020
  29. Throne of Eldraine
  30. Theros Beyond Death
zaterdag, februari 1, 2020 - 12:00
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Covid-19 rules


  • Did you or a housemate/familymember have any signs of a cold or a fever in the past 24 hours?
  •  Have you or has a housemate/familymember been diagnosed with Covid-19/Corona in the past 14 days and have you had contact since then?

Only register if you can answer 'No' to both questions.

General rules

  • Reservation is obligatory
  • Only players are allowed with the exception of the responsible person.
  • Follow the 1,5m distance rules, no matter if you agree with them or not
  • There will be one (announced beforehand) person who is above discussion. If that person tells you to keep more distance, you are obliged to follow these directions. It's possible that this will be transferred to another person during the evening.
  • Are you waiting for your game to begin or is your game finished? Maintain your distance to other people.

Gaming specific rules

  • Only use your own gaming materials (dice, notepad, etc)


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