Magic Kaldheim @ Home prerelease

Following the success of our first online pre-release event in November, we have decided to organize another. This time we would like to invite you to join us in our adventure into the realm of snow, Vikings and the Norse pantheon: Kaldheim! The set introduces new and fun mechanics to the standard format, such as ‘boast’ and ‘foretell’ and includes the reappearance of fan favorites like snow-covered lands and... Phyrexians!

The event itself will be hosted on Spelltable, a browser-based app designed for online match-ups (specifically formats that are not supported by MTG:O and MTG:A). Spelltable does not require any downloads and the only requirements to play are the cards from the sealed boosters and a camera. Discord will be used for voice-chat and further communication regarding links to the rooms on Spelltable.

The prerelease kits can be purchased from the Purperen Draak through Warenhuis Groningen and will be delivered at your home in the week of the event.

Product link:

Practical information:
Date: Friday 29th of January
Time: 19:00-00:00.

Entry fee: the costs of the event are € 27,50, for which you will receive a Kaldheim pre-release kit. This kit includes six sealed Kaldheim draft boosters, a dice, a promo with date stamp and an Arena code to redeem six boosters on MTG:A.
Delivery: the pre-release kits will be delivered by mail after payment of the order. You can place your order with one of the organizers via Discord (Marc or Ruwan) who will share your address with the supplier. Do note that, due to the current crisis, we can not guarantee timely delivery of the kits to participants outside of Groningen.

What is more fun than opening new cards together? Therefore: note that we would like to open our boosters together on Spelltable, so please keep them sealed until the start of the event.

vrijdag, januari 29, 2021 - 19:00
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De volgende mensen staan al ingeschreven:
Jorn Kramer
Base Kush
Ben Meijer
Martijn Schuiling

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