Draft Modern Horizons

Modern will enter a new era with the release of Modern Horizons. This new set will be a mix between old cards that are not yet Modern legal ánd a lot of brand new cards! Wizards is keeping a low profile with spoiler cards, so what we can expect remains quite mysterious, but two cards have been spoiled to date... and they look promising to say the least! Cabal Therapist will crush certain decks with a potent ability, especially after you have some knowledge about your opponent's hand (Duress and Dark Inquery may be your best friends). Serra finally enters the world of Magic to lead her army of angels and cute little flyers... hello Entreat the Angels!


We will be hosting both Sealed ánd Draft during the day.

Sealed (6 boosters + prize support) € 55,00
Draft (3 boosters + prize support) € 30,00

Prize support will be Modern Horizons boosters

We will start Sealed at 11.00h sharp, so be sure to arrive on time!
We will start Draft at 13.00h (but we might consider more if we get positive feedback)

zaterdag, juni 8, 2019 - 13:00
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