Commander Legends - Digital Sealed Prerelease (Read Inside)

In spite of the current measures due to COVID-19 and the subsequent cancellation of in-store eventa, we are still keen on organizing an event in celebration of the release of the new Magic the Gathering set, Commander Legends.

This unique set allows players to play Commander Sealed, which entails that any participant builds a 60-card deck by opening any number of ‘sealed’ boosters. In this way, you can prove your deck-building skills in matches with three other players. The set itself contains reprints of well-known cards, such as Vampiric Tutor and the commanders introduced in the Commander 2016 set, as well as new cards developed specifically for limited play, like the Chromatic Piper.
    Commander legends is an unique set and so is the manner in which we will organize the event. Due to the aforementioned cancellation of in-store events, we are not able to meet each other in the Purperen Draak and therefore, we have decided to host the event via SpellTable, a browser app designed specifically for online commander match-ups. The app does not require any downloads and the only things you will need to be able to play, are the cards from the sealed boosters and a camera (either a webcam or a mobile phone). You can check out the #mtg-commander channel on Discord for some inspiration on how-to-build a functional SpellTable set-up.

- Each player opens six sealed boosters, which each contain 20 cards. We will do so together on Discord.
- Each player selects 60 cards from the 120 available from their boosters, to construct a commander deck. This includes your commander(s)!
- Players are not allowed to use the promo cards in their deck
- Players are allowed, however, to use more than one copy of the same card in their deck (if they pulled more than one copy from their sealed boosters).
- Further rules that apply are in line with the general rules known from commander (i.e. commander damage, color identity of the chosen commander(s), 40 HP etc.)

Date: Friday 13th of November
Time: 19:00-23:00. The organizers will join the Discord at 18:00 to support any players in need of some help to check their set-up.


Entry fee: the cost of this event is 35,-, which includes six Commander Legends boosters, a Commander Legends promo card and a Zendikar Rising promo pack. We will not include a prize pool, since we do not want this event to be competitive. We will, however, raffle one buy-a-box promo per four players.

Registrations: players can register on the website of the Purperen Draak, using the form below.

Delivery of the boosters: players who have registered for the event can purchase and pick up their boosters from the Purperen Draak. Players who live outside the city of Groningen can also choose to have their boosters delivered to them, without any additional costs. If you would like to choose the latter, please contact one of the organizers, Bas, via the Discord channel.

vrijdag, november 13, 2020 - 19:00
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Covid-19 rules


  • Did you or a housemate/familymember have any signs of a cold or a fever in the past 24 hours?
  •  Have you or has a housemate/familymember been diagnosed with Covid-19/Corona in the past 14 days and have you had contact since then?

Only register if you can answer 'No' to both questions.

General rules

  • Reservation is obligatory
  • Only players are allowed with the exception of the responsible person.
  • Follow the 1,5m distance rules, no matter if you agree with them or not
  • There will be one (announced beforehand) person who is above discussion. If that person tells you to keep more distance, you are obliged to follow these directions. It's possible that this will be transferred to another person during the evening.
  • Are you waiting for your game to begin or is your game finished? Maintain your distance to other people.

Gaming specific rules

  • Only use your own gaming materials (dice, notepad, etc)


De volgende mensen staan al ingeschreven:
Base Kush
Jorn Kramer
Martijn Schuiling

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